• Always See A Doctor

  • Always See A Doctor



We provide primary care services for patients from 8 years thru 110 years. 
Dr. Shama Masani MD is a board certified family practice physician.
We provide flu shots, pap smears, and other clia waived tests in the office.
We offer fat reduction and muscle building procedure in our office for patients who are interested in getting ready for special occassions and events.



We offer discount prices for almost all the blood tests ordered by your physician. In case you would like to get certain blood tests done, our doctors can order the tests at no additional charges when the blood tests are purchased and paid for in our office.


Dr. Shama Masani MD is an expert and skilled physician with more than 28 years of experience. For Blood tests that are purchased and paid for in the office we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for tests that are done which were not required or incorrectly done.

Dr. Masani is Board Certified in Family Practice and cares for adults and children including women's health. She received her medical education at Deccan..

Health Care Philosophy

We believe that it is important for the patients and their families to understand as much as possible about their bodies, in health and in disease. We make a special effort to educate you about your medical condition, diagnostic tests, medications, a

Phone Calls to Our Office

If you have a medical question or a problem that you wish to call us about, your call may be referred to the nurse. If she is unable to handle the question, she will relay the message to the doctor and the doctor will return your call. Remember that

After Hours Calls

Medical problems can occur at any time. If you find it necessary to contact the doctor after office hours, the answering service will forward messages to the physician on call. Your call will be returned at the earliest opportunity. Please reserve th
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